Urgent Action Required

HELP SAVE Mute Swans in New York

The third New York State Department of Conservation (NYSDEC)  Mute Swan Control Plan released on September 6 has an insufficient scientific basis for its claim that the mute swan, who has been present in the U.S. for 150 years is a non-native, “invasive” species. As a result, many will be brutally killed if the DEC has its way. In fact, as a scientific matter, there is no basis for calling the mute swan invasive.  After 150 years, the swans are integrated into their environment and the ecosystem in which they live; they may be non-native but they are definitely not invasive.

This Mute Swan Control Plan fails to meet the specific requirements of the 2016 state law by failing to fully document the scientific basis for future mute swan population projections and for current and projected environmental damage by the swans.

The mute swan population in New York State, approximately 2,000 animals according to the NYSDEC, is not significant enough to warrant the draconian approach to population control proposed by the Plan. The “upstate” population of the mute swan, where the NYSDEC Plan proposes the most severe control measures, is 150 animals. By NYSDEC’s definition, “upstate”

includes 50 counties, meaning the mute swan population upstate where the severest measures are proposed number on the average only 3 animals per county.  DEC certainly has not demonstrated habitat damage and destruction, called for in the law, before lethal control is considered.

Please let New York State Assembly Members know that you are appalled about the NYSDEC Plan to eliminate mute swans from their environment. This Mute Swan Control Plan is unacceptable and should be rejected by the New York State Legislature: http://nyassembly.gov/mem/

Also, let the NYSDEC know you do not agree with this plan:

DEC has ignored the law’s requirements, and the will of all the thousands of citizens throughout the state who deluged lawmakers and demanded that mute swans be protected and managed compassionately throughout the state, not just on Long Island or upstate areas.  The plan should be completely rewritten.